Experts recommend a trip check before your summer vacation

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) Your local mechanic is a popular place before summer travel season.

Amanda Kenney/WDBJ7

Just ask Todd LaPrad.

“I'm big on maintenance, getting your car ready so you're not stuck on the side of the road, especially for a big trip,” said LaPrad.

He's headed to Kansas, so he's getting new tires.

And tires are important.

Roanoke's Blue Ridge Truck and Auto has been busy enough to open a new location in Salem.

Their mechanic Allen Faverio says checking your tires is one thing you can do yourself.

“You have to get your air pressure checked. At the minimum once a month, at the minimum, especially this time of year where the temperatures they plunge and then the next thing you know it's 90 and that makes a major toll on your air pressure,” said Faverio.

And then there's your fluids.

Some cars now have clear bottles so you can check the levels, but you might not want to fill them up.

“I wouldn't recommend them taking anything apart because the vehicles these days are all electronic and you can take something off and put it back on and you've messed it up,” said Faverio.

It's also easy to damage fluids in your cars with recent changes in temperatures. The same thing happens when you do a lot of short time driving like driving a few miles to work and then driving home again.

“That breaks down the viscosity and it breaks down the chemicals that are in the fluids that help them do their job,” said Faverio.

That's why a check might be worth it.

“It's just like abuse if you don't take care of your car. Changing the oil is just like feeding a baby, you gotta feed it to make it grow, you gotta change the oils and make sure everything's working right,” said LaPrad.

So you can really relax when you're ready to travel for your summer vacation.