Faith Christian School honors seniors with home visits

Published: May. 8, 2020 at 5:21 PM EDT
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Senior year is supposed to be the best year of high school.

"So we're gonna come over here in your yard, go to your house! Since you live at this house we should probably go to this one!" said Shelly Whitaker, the special events coordinator for Faith Christian School.

A home visit from school administrators is usually perceived as a bad thing. But when you've spent 13 years at one place, the seniors deserve their moment.

Especially this year.

Hand-delivered caps and gowns, custom signs, and a photoshoot. It may not have been pictured like this, but it's something unique for the class of 2020.

And unique sums up the latter part of their year pretty well.

"It's pretty tough trying to learn math online," sad Nick Witt, one of 16 graduating seniors from Faith Christian. Because of the small class sizes, the senior class is very close. They're not used to going nine weeks without seeing one another, or doing all their classes virtually.

"Playing basketball is probably my favorite memory, if I went to public school, I would have never played, I was baseball all the way," said Witt, who will start at Roanoke College in the fall.

But right now, there's still an opportunity for memories. Even though they're different, they're still special.

"It's definitely been difficult this year, but as a takeaway, God's in control, and the world's gonna continue," said Curtis Witt, Nick's dad.

"The biggest takeaway I think will be when I get old, I'll have quite the tale to tale and anytime my children ask 'oh the homework is too hard.' I can say, 'well I did it during a pandemic,"' said Nick.

Instead of doing an online ceremony, Faith Christian is hopeful to have an in-person graduation ceremony in August.

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