Fake meat industry enjoys meaty success

(CNN) - Companies that sell meatless products have grown astronomically due to high demand.

A Meatless Revolution? Popularity of plant-based proteins is surging and it's a taste of what's ahead. (Source: CNN)

Sales of plant-based foods grew 11% from 2018 to 2019.

A United Nations report found that meat alternatives will grow so much that by 2040, 60% of the world’s meat likely won’t come from slaughtered animals.

Impossible Foods, one of the leading companies making meatless alternatives, said demand is so high it's causing a shortage.

Its competitor, Beyond Meat, is also savoring similar success.

Its strategy is to sell plant-based products where meat-eaters are shopping.

Experts say demand is fueled by consumers looking to make their diets healthier and reduce their impact on the environment without sacrificing taste.

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