Fall Bridge Street Food Truck Rodeo in Danville this weekend

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) If you love food trucks, Danville has the event for you this weekend!

Nineteen food trucks will line Bridge Street for the Fall Food Truck Rodeo.

3,000 people attended the inaugural event in the spring.

One of the organizers, city councilman James Buckner, says he hopes to see at least 3,000 people out tomorrow, and hopefully more.

"It builds a sense of community for everybody to come out. You'll see people that you normally wouldn't see. You'll interact with people you normally wouldn't interact with and that's part of building a big city, or building a community, is having people come together and share time together," says organizer and Danville City Councilman, James Buckner.

The event is from noon to 6:00 on Saturday.