Family and friends remember war hero George Rogers

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Friends and family came together Saturday to remember and celebrate the life of George Rogers, who, they say, was more than a war hero.

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Song and prayer echoed through a room of Thomas Road Baptist Church, as kids and grand-kids sat together, remembering Rogers, a man who meant so much to them.

"He was bigger than life, full of wisdom and encouragement, and a can-do kind of guy," Leonard Moisan, Rogers' Son-In-Law, said.

Moisan shared the eulogy at Rogers' funeral.

"I didn't have a lot of father presence, so George very much was a father to me, he taught me how to be a man, and he taught me how to be a father," he said.

Rogers died a week ago at the age of 100. He carried many titles: a war hero, and a survivor of the Bataan Death March in World War II, where he was tortured.

"Beaten regularly, and starved regularly, in fact when Pop was rescued, his six-foot three-inch frame weighed only 85 pounds," Moisan shared during the eulogy.

But Moisan says his military past wasn't his only defining feature.

"I'm talking about how large and extensive his out reach was, the many people that he touched with his wisdom, encouragement and help," he said.

"A man who was a hero to his family . . . There's no question, there's no doubt that the word hero doesn't quite do it justice, does it," Jonathan Falwell, Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church and Rogers' Pastor, said during the funeral.

Family watched their hero on screen in a montage with photos and videos. Tears streamed down faces and smiles lit up the room. They then walked out of the church to watch America honor a man who so many loved.

"As we all gather together, we know George will be sorely missed, but he left so many wonderful memories to be cherished," Falwell said at the end of the funeral.

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