Family pleas for answers in son's death

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Tonight, a family is still searching for answers after their son's death. He had just graduated Patrick Henry High School when he was shot and killed back in June.

Police responded to Countryside Estates, where they found Nick Lee lying behind a building. He later died.

The Christmas season is a time for traditions, but this year at the Lee's, there's nothing routine about it.

Kathy Lee, Mother, said, “We couldn't even put a tree up this year. We just put this little thing up for the little kids to see something.”

Darrell Lee, Father, said, “There is no getting over a loss like this.”

Darrell and Kathy Lee are still coping with the death of their son, Nickalas, who they adopted at a very young age.

This year, a photo album is one of their Christmas gifts, serving as a reminder of his 17 years of life. Nickalas had just graduated from high school, and less than two weeks later, he died.

Kathy said, “He just graduated. He had his whole life ahead of him.”

No one has been arrested and charged with their son's murder. To this day, his parents are still wondering what happened and who did it.

“We'd like to see this case solved,” said Kathy.

Darrell said, “You want your neighborhoods to be a safe place, then you need to start doing things to make it safe. Start cooperating with the police.”

They're talking in the hopes that someone knows something and will speak up. The Christmas season may never be the same, but they hope the new year brings new information in their son's case.

Darrell said, “We have a hole in our life and we take it with us.”

The family has full faith that the police department is doing everything they can to find their son's killer. If you know anything, give Roanoke Police a call.