Travel can be educational for kids

LEXINGTON, Va. Who says you have to turn off your brain when you take a vacation?

Horse drawn carriage ride one of the many highlights on a trip to Lexington

Lexington isn't just a popular place for school field trips.
It's great for family excursions, too.

The Stonewall Jackson House is a must- see, where the Confederate general lived before the Civil War. But that's not focus of tours.

"We don't talk about Jackson during the Civil War. We talk more about his family life here in the house. So, when families come through, they actually get to see a lot that Jackson's family life was a lot like their own, "says Grace Abele with Stonewall Jackson House.

Lee Chapel also provides a tangible, real- life history lesson.

It's expanding its traditional tour to include things like scavenger hunts and take- home activities.

If your family's not into history, no worries. Lexington offers plenty of science lessons, too.

The Boxerwood Nature Center and Woodland Garden is just a little off the beaten path.

It offers a Kid's Play Trail and Fairy Forest, while offering lessons in life sciences, like horticulture.

Tourism officials say there's much more to this historic city than you might think.

"Most people are, their perception is that it's maybe a stuffy, historic town, but that can't be further from the case. We've got lots of great things to do, and we'd love young families to come visit," says Patty Williams, Lexington's Marketing Director. .