Father dealing with empty nest as son learns to fly as a new Airman

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Brett Sharp is one of the voices you may hear in the morning, getting you up, while you’re driving on your commute, or sitting in your office at work.

Brett and Noah Sharp

That’s what he’s best known for; being part of the Star Country morning duo, Brett and Boomer.

But off air, he’s dad. And his 19-year-old son, Noah, recently became an Airman.

“It kind of hit us out of the blue when he decided to join the military, he went to Roanoke College for a year, great grades, we pretty much had him taken care of, and he said, ‘Dad, I’m going to go do the military, I’m going to go join the Air Force,’ so I’m proud of him,” Sharp said.

Now that his son has made this career move, Sharp says he’s definitely paying closer attention to current events.

“It’s terrifying for a parent. It’s a double edge sword, because I’m so proud of him for serving, but I’m also scared to death,” he said. “I mean it’s your flesh and blood, you don’t want anything to happen to your kid.”

And while Noah is away training at Tech school in Texas, Brett says he’s actually been getting a lot of advice.

“I’ve heard from so many of the radio station listeners who’ve said, ‘Hey, I know what you’re going through, here’s what to expect.’ The support from listeners alone has been unbelievable.”

And for a dad whose son is also his best friend, Brett misses having Noah home.

“I’ve always lifted weights with my kid, and we played basketball, and I’ve always been to his sporting events,” Sharp said “And I guess they call it empty nest syndrome, when your kid’s not at home anymore? It’s taking a little adjusting.”

Noah will be home on leave just in time for Christmas.