Federal judge refuses to block certification of disputed House of Delegates race

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WDBJ7 & AP) A federal judge in northern Virginia says he won't stop the state elections board from certifying the results of a disputed House of Delegates race.

Democrats filed suit, because some voters received ballots for the wrong district.

The Republican has an 82 vote lead, and the race could determine which party controls the House.

Harry Wilson is a Roanoke College Professor and WDBJ7 Political Analyst.

"The party that's behind is always going to pull out all the stops to win," Wilson said Friday, "and particularly because this race really does determine control in the House of Delegates. Right now if the Republicans hold this seat, it's 51 - 49 Republican. If the Democrats can take the seat, it's 50 - 50.

The judge said it's too early for federal intervention.

Recounts are expected in three House of Delegates races.