Feed the Fish for Make A Wish

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MONETA, Va. (WDBJ7) At Bridgewater Marina, you can feed the fish again this year, and help local kids make their wishes come true.

People have been feeding the fish at the marina for 30 years, but now, you can buy a bag of popcorn for a buck, and 100% of the popcorn proceeds will be going to Make A Wish of Greater Virginia.

Last year, they set a goal of 10,000 bags, and smashed it, selling 25,000.

This year, they’re going even bigger.

“Yeah, it’s pretty unique. There’s not that many places to do it. It surprises me how many people have never seen it before, still. We had to get a brand new popcorn machine to be able to service 30,000 bags, be able to make 30,000 bags, so yeah, it’s cool,” Ryan Waters, with Bridgewater Marina said.

They’re already on par to meet their goal of 30,000 bags of popcorn. Waters says that’ll help make three wishes possible for kids.