Ferrum College athlete is a three-sport star

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FERRUM, Va. (WDBJ7) Being a college athlete in one sport is hard enough but to play three takes a special type of person.

You may recognize the name Haley Overstreet. She graduated from William Byrd High school and now she is a three-sport athlete for Ferrum College. Her coaches say her desire to challenge herself and be great at what she's doing is what separates her from the rest -- a trait that will help her later in life.

With a Ferrum field hockey double overtime game-winning goal against Hendrix College recently, Haley Overstreet became the first Panther athlete ever record a goal in three different sports.

“When she gets her opportunities, she makes the most of them,” said Carrie Austin, Ferrum’s field hockey coach.

Here's Overstreet's stats -- three goals in soccer, 13 for lacrosse and that was her only goal for field hockey -- so far.

“Honestly, I feel like I'm just showing up for practice and doing what is expected of me. I enjoy it. It's more fun than work,” Overstreet said.

Originally, Overstreet came to Ferrum to play soccer.
Now she encompasses all the sports clichés - stud athlete, hard worker. But it takes guts to step on a collegiate field in a sport she's never played. Moreover, to succeed in it is what makes her special.

It's this type of skill set, this attitude Overstreet hopes to use as she pursues a coaching career. As far as which sport will she coach?

“Ugh. I'd probably want to coach lacrosse but I'd be open to anything,” Overstreet said.

Very fitting for such a dynamic athlete.