Filmmakers plan to tell Lynchburg story

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A production company has its eyes set on Lynchburg for a new film highlighting its past.

A year and a half of work brought filmmakers to this point, but there's still plenty to go. The script is ready, but shooting has yet to begin. Life Out Loud Films is in the early stages of telling an early story of Lynchburg.

“And the second I heard the story, my heart and my gut told me we needed to make it and share it with wider audiences,” said the film’s director and producer, Sara Elizabeth Timmins.

The film is called Shoeless Wonders. It's the story of orphan boys in the 1920s who played football in their bare feet and went undefeated for eight years.

"It's a story that really illustrates that success is not defined by our circumstances,” Timmins said.

While this Lynchburg story will be shot in Virginia, the state film office says that's not always the case. The office director says states like Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania offer better incentives and tax credits. That said, the filmmakers decided it was best to shoot locally.

"So beyond the incentives, we're really seeing a lot of value when the community gets excited and wants to be a part of it,” Timmins said.

They plan to hire about 100 cast and crew, as well as hundreds of extras.

Wednesday, they introduced their project. They hope to be back in this theater soon, sharing this story from Lynchburg on the big screen.

“My favorite part of doing a film is actually showing it to the community that helped make it possible,” Timmins said.

If all goes as planned, shooting will take place fall 2017 and be ready for theaters in spring of 2018.