College Sendoff 101-Final Look

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First year college students have been settling into their routines for the last few weeks. There are classes to attend and games to cheer at.
Robin Reed wraps up our College Sendoff 101 Series with a few thoughts about next year's students.

It's all so new in the beginning. Where is the best dining hall for my schedule? What can I expect from my professor today?
Meanwhile, colleges are already thinking about their next class in a changing student landscape according to Roanoke College VP for Enrollment Dr. Brenda Poggendorf "the reality that we live with is there are fewer students graduating from high school across the country right now and so as we all strive to grow that strategy is not going to work for everybody. There aren't enough students for that to happen on every campus."

So schools must stand out in the higher education field with unique offerings. Kenneth Garren President of Lynchburg College:
"We are one of the leaders in the nation in terms of engaging our students. That means they are not standing there, they are not sitting there listening to a talking head in the front of the room but they are actually engaged in their education."

Another trend is attending the same school as your mom or dad. But expect big time change says Joel Hanlon/Associate Director for new student programs at Radford University. "I feel like there are more alumni bringing students here and they talk a lot about the change on campus and how it's so different from when they went here just with the facilities, the majors and the leadership. "

And if you're a student who is just unsure about taking the next big educational steps, Dr. Randall with Longwood University and the New College Institute has some reassurance. "You can do this. We are going to help you. We can't do the work for you and we can't take the tests for you. But we are going to put the support systems in place to make sure you're successful.