Fire started by two-year-old destroys a Collinsville home

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COLLINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) In Collinsville, a fire destroys one home Tuesday afternoon and officials say it was started by a two-year-old.

The Henry County Assistant Fire Marshal says the child was playing with a lighter when the fire started.

He woke up his dad, who was napping in another room and both of them got out safely.

Officials say parents should educate their children that lighters and matches are tools not toys.

"Children are curious. Children are naturally curious. They're gonna play with them and we have seen numerous times in the past that this has happened," says Henry County Assistant Fire Marshal, Kiah Cooper.

The house is a total loss and the father did not have insurance.

The Salvation Army and Red Cross are helping out the family right now with a place to stay and necessities.