Fires deliberately set inside Texas Walmart

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CEDAR PARK, TX (KEYE/CNN)-- A suspected arson attack at a Texas Walmart was caught on camera Wednesday.

Investigators said someone set two fires inside the store.

Jackie Sinclair said she was doing some last-minute Thanksgiving shopping when a Walmart employee walked by frantically.

Sinclair said she saw the massive flames and pulled out her cellphone to record.

"I was like hang on let me show the kids," Sinclair said. "I'm one of those moms - I show my kids everything."

She got video of flames shooting up to the ceiling of the store's clothing section.

That's when she decided it was time to leave.

Cedar Park Fire Marshal Randle Blesing said two fires were started by someone inside the store on purpose.

"One was closer to the apparel and the other was on the other side in the vacuum cleaners section," Blesing said.

Blesing said they interviewed the suspect, who is not a Walmart employee.

He said they are working with employees to get evidence in order to file charges.

"Everyone made it out safe though, no one is in there and that's a good thing," he continued.

Walmart said the store will not reopen in time for Black Friday.

Officials are not saying how long it will take for the store to be back in business.

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