Roanoke officer honored for saving a life in April

Roanoke, Va. (WDBJ7) Officer Kelsey Trivellin knew she had to act quickly when she got to the top of the Jefferson Street Bridge April 21 and saw a man about to take his own life.

She was able to stop him from jumping, and months later the Kiwanis Club of Roanoke honored her for her quick thinking.

The club gave her an award as part of its special awards program for recognizing stand out first responders in Roanoke City and Roanoke County. Each award includes a Recognition Certificate and the choice of a $50 check or a donation to a preferred charity in the recipient's honor.

"As a first responder, it feels really good to be recognized and be told that, hey, you are doing a good job and what you're doing is good because we have so much negative backlash right now going on," Trevillin said.

A firefighter was also honored at this event. The club will be hosting a second awards ceremony later this month on July 25.

The Kiwanis Club, a community service organization, serves the needs of children, the elderly, and the environment.

Steve McGraw, Club Member and First Responders Recognition Committee Chair, says, "It is important that the Kiwanis Club to set a positive example for the community by hosting our awards program recognizing your invaluable first responders. And it's important too, that local first responders receive recognition from the very people they serve and protect."

The awards program was held today at noon in Charter Hall, where the club meets weekly.