First responders honored by Town of Bedford and American Legion

BEDFORD, Va (WDBJ7) Tuesday, Bedford Town Council honored the police officers and firefighters who were involved in the rescues during an early morning house fire, in January, on Grove Street that killed a four-year-old girl.

"It's what we do, it's what we signed up to do," said Bedford firefighter Nick Rick who went through a window to rescue one of the young girls the morning of that fire.

First responders, both fire and police, filled the back pews at the Bedford Town Council Chambers, to receive recognition for a job well done.

"It wasn't long, less than 15 that I did find the victim and evacuated her," said Rice.

Firefighter MJ McGinnis rescued another one of the young girls that was trapped.

"For me, life safety came first and I went straight through that door without hesitation," said McGinnis. "I masked up, ran up the steps, grabbed the little girl, pulled her down the steps."

Their selfless act along with the five other first responders was enough for both the Town of Bedford and the American Legion to reward them each with a plaque.

"It really means a lot to all of us that the town of Bedford community really appreciates what we did that night," said McGinnis.

Rice echoed those words saying, "We get a lot of people who come up and thank us just randomly, it's very rewarding."

Although the recognition is greatly appreciated, these brave men say it's just another day on the job.

"We're here to serve the people. We do it because we love to do it, I just get a lot of joy out of being able to serve and I don't think I could imagine doing anything else," said Rice.