Fit Friday: Outdoor Tactical Locker

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Total Resistance Exercise, or TRX, workouts might not be new, but at Green Ridge Recreation Center, their outdoor tactical locker sure is.

You can do TRX, but also so much more.

“As you want to come and do your workouts we have spots for heavy deadlifts, we have three different rigs, we have TRX, we have spots for Olympic lifting, we have every kettle bell, we have bosu balls, balance core trainers, any type of workout you want to get, on top of being out in the beautiful sun in the Blue Ridge Mountains,” Trainer, Matthew Hall said.

Hall showed me around the locker, and he says during the hour long block, you can make your workout, your own.

“You can come and get any kind of workout you want from Olympic lifting, to cardio, to strongman type workouts, adaptive workouts, we can facilitate any type of disability needs, especially with the type of equipment we have on hand,” he said.

Deadlifts, box jumps, pull ups, core exercises, your imagination is your limit. And anyone can sign up to sweat.

“We’ve opened this up to non-members to other people in the community can really come and enjoy this type of equipment.”

Trainers, like Hall are there for safety, and to answer any questions, and the locker can hold up to eight people at a time. And he says, the absolute best part about it? You get a really great workout, and you can enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

If you’d like more information on class times, or how to sign up, visit .