Fit Friday: Performance Pilates

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Caitlin Smith is a professional dancer, but she’s branching out a bit, and is now a Pilates instructor.

She’s teaching classes four days a week at Performance Pilates at Performance Healthcare in Roanoke.

“It’s easy for me to work with different levels in a class because there’s so many modifications and variations in Pilates that I could have a beginner next to someone who’s been taking it for 12 weeks, and still give them exercises that work them,” Smith said.

Pilates is similar to yoga with the mind, body, and spirit connection, but Smith says it’s much more strength and core training.

You can see the kinds of exercises you’ll see in a typical group mat class, and Smith explains some of the principles behind it.

“It’s more just about becoming aware of your body and the muscles in it, and how they’re all connected, how your abs wrap all the way around to the back, and how it supports your back and your spine too, and it’s really that awareness. And working the deepest muscles, not just the superficial ones on the top but the deepest ones in there, too.”

And it may be quiet, slow paced, and look easy-going, but you’ll definitely feel like you’ve worked hard

She says many people start to see and feel a change very quickly, but even more than that – for her, it’s a satisfying new venture.

“It’s kind of what I’m going into in the future now, I love dancing and I’ll continue doing it for a while, but this is something that I can continue to do after I dance too. So your dancing career is only so long, and then after that you really get to move into something else, so this is kind of becoming my second passion in life,” she said.

If you’d like more information on how to take classes with Caitlin Smith, call Performance Healthcare at 540-526-7479, or sign up using the vagaro app on your phone.