Flood Waters turn Salem Trailer Park into a River

SALEM, VA With a look of disbelief, Darryl Thompson, only needs three words to describe what tropical storm Michael brought to Salem.
“This is insane,” said Thompson.

Thompson is the bar manager at the Salem Mouse Lodge and with the water from Mason Creek rising to almost the front door, all he can do now is wait.

About three miles away, the Salem Village Trailer Park looks more like a boat landing than a neighborhood. Brandon Bryant lives in the trailer park and has never seen water as high as it was Thursday. “Nothing you can do, Mother Nature if they want it they’re going to take it," said Bryant.
“Some of the people that lives back here, they’re devastated. This is where their home is.”

Some residents were fighting the high water to clear debris from their camper and others were risking getting their cars and trucks stuck just to get home or get out.

Then there are people like Tommy Kennedy whose home is safe but wants to help his neighbors. “I’m safe from the water and everything like that I’ve just been helping other people out. That’s all I’m concerned about is making sure everybody else is alright,” said Kennedy.

Another example of people coming together to help their neighbors even in the face of rushing water, no matter the cost.