Flooding hits New River Valley

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7)— In the New River Valley, folks are really starting to feel the impact of the nonstop rain since Monday. The rain seems like it doesn’t want to stop, and it’s starting to cause issues for drivers throughout Montgomery County.

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Along Craig Creek Road, the rain is running out of places to go now, causing rushing water in front yards. The creek, like so many others across the county, is running at full force. Now making ‘high water’ signs a little more common.

In the 2100 block of Craig Creek Road, it is about 75 percent full of water, and drivers can slowly get by on one side safely.

On the other side of the county on Brooksfield Road, it’s a different story with Toms Creek. The water has spilled over its banks and is at shin height. The road is no longer safely passable.

“I’ve never seen something like this. Even when we had that hurricane here about a year and a half ago,” said driver Luke Steindl.

He and his roommate Jay Do were on their way home from Radford. They said they like to take the back roads to get around.

“We didn’t think it would be bad, but like wow, this is on another level,” Do said. “My friend and I just look at each other and say, yeah water’s not supposed to be there. This is absolutely bogus.”

They weren’t the only ones to turn around before the one lane bridge over the creek. Most people decided to do the same.

“This is absolutely ridiculous,” Steindl said. “I mean these fence posts are about five feet tall and they are mostly submerged. I wonder what happened to the man’s cattle honestly.”

Steindl and Do said they are worried about how much more damage the water will do before the weekend.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if this got any worse,” Steindl said. “Hopefully we have a little break from the weather but based off of where I’ve looked it looks like it’s going to be rain forever.”

Montgomery County Emergency Services Coordinator Michael Geary said they have nothing to report on their end related to flooding, but he did warn drivers to expect road closures in the usual spots. Geary said fire and rescue crews haven’t had much to respond to during the day, but they’re on standby for what might happen overnight.

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