Floods close, damage Floyd County roads

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FLOYD CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Heavy rains flooded out parts of Floyd County. More damage and closed streets were reported there than any other area in the New River Valley.

As the floods receded, they uncovered damaged roads and fields. Jacks Mill Road was one of them. It was washed out Friday morning and has since been repaired but large rocks and gullies remain.

Neighbors say this happens during extremely heavy rains. Last week's flooding saturated the ground so much even the slightest rainfall now is pouring in the streets. Henry Holt knows it all too well. The video is dark he took this morning as he was trying to leave for work.

"It's showing about a foot and a half of water over the state road and bridge on the private driveway," Holt said.

He spent more than four hours digging out the dirt road that leads to his home on Malibu Drive. It was hard to avoid the puddles and steams of water still tickling down the road.

"It was pretty rough. I've been just fixing the gravel around my bridge and smoothing down where the driveway washed out," Holt said.

Hours after it stopped raining it was easy to see it will be a few days before a nearby soggy field dries. Several miles away in Floyd County Little River was a raging river that poured over into Thunderstruck Road. A driveway connected to the road look as if it was part of a river bed.

As many as a dozen state maintained roads were either washed out or flooded Friday. Most of those have now re-opened.