Floyd Country Store cancels sold-out show as snow threat looms

FLOYD, Va. (WDBJ) -- On this Saturday night, unlike most others, the stage at the Floyd Country store was silent.

"Tonight was a sold out - Flatt Lonesome was the name of the band - sold out show tonight, and we had to inform 200 people to stay put or not travel," said Dylan Locke, the Floyd Country Store's owner.

The on-air light stayed dark as the Floyd Country Store decided to cancel its scheduled concert. The store will likely be closed on Sunday as well.

Locke said having to close this time of year means losing potential customers to online holiday shopping while they're snowed in.

"Of course it's hard to lose a Sunday right in prime shopping season for a small business like the Floyd Country Store," he said. "We do our best to provide great shopping options and live music and things that sort of feed the music business and the musicians that we love here at the Floyd Country Store."

With Floyd expecting snow totals exceeding a foot, Locke said there has been a buzz around this storm, especially after widespread power outages already impacted the county just a few weeks ago.

"Yeah, people are talking about it but, you know, we're used to it around here," he said. "The school systems are prepared for it. Everyone's sort of prepared for it, so I think everyone will be fine. We're ready to hunker down and have a snow day."

The Flatt Lonesome concert originally scheduled for Saturday will now take place on February 24 instead.