Floyd County bus driver gives hats, gloves to kids

Published: Jan. 10, 2017 at 5:20 PM EST
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Some kids in Floyd County now have something extra to keep them warm while they're outside in frigid temperatures.

"I thought it was the sweetest thing ever," said Dana Beegle. Her kids came home from school last week wearing something extra cozy.

"I said 'where did you get those?' and they said 'the bus driver gave them to all of us on the bus today,'" Beegle said.

Their bus driver offered them gloves and hats on their way home from school.

"This is what's left over. They had already picked through them all," Gladding said as the combed through a basket full of hats and gloves.

The kind gift surprised parents and kids, but driver Sue Gladding says she had to do it.

"I saw some shivering little bodies out there Friday morning and I didn't like it," Gladding said.

She went to a store after the trip to school and bought 50 pairs of gloves and 40 hats. It cost her about 30 dollars of her own money but that was OK.

"They're worth it. I love them all," Gladding said.

She didn't want to single out any children or families in the community so she bought enough hats and gloves for everyone on the bus, whether they needed them or not.

"I just don't like seeing kids out there in the cold," Gladding said.

She's a mother and says kids are her calling which makes parents like Dana Beegle feel safer knowing their kids are protected on their way home.

"Such a simple little task like that was really a big thing," Beegle said.