Floyd County farms suffering in drought conditions

Published: Sep. 16, 2019 at 8:18 PM EDT
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A recent drought is taking its toll on Floyd County farms.

"Last year was a very wet year in Floyd, I rarely ever irrigated, I could put seed down and get watered in," Kat Johnson, Farm Manager at Fields Edge Farm, said.

She works on a five-acre vegetable farm and raises grass-fed beef.

Johnson says the dry stretch of weather we've been seeing is already starting to take a toll.

"Any time we seed or transplant, we have to get the irrigation on it right away, so irrigation becomes more of a task, the well is working really hard every day," Johnson said.


reveals most of Floyd County is in a moderate drought period.

"What I don't know is what's the breaking point of that well, am I going to run the well dry, am I going to tire out the pump, that sort of thing makes me really nervous when there's demand for that water in the field," Johnson said.

Water from the well runs through a drip tape and gives the plants their moisture.

"Us on this farm, we haven't hit a breaking point, you know I've heard of other farmers that have run their springs or wells dry, sources of water aren't there, luckily we aren't at that point yet, but conservation of water is important, making sure we don't get to that point," Johnson added.

Less water also makes it harder on the farmers.

"There's a lot of demands on our schedule and lots of things to do so if water falls from the sky, it's definitely a blessing," Johnson said.

For now, Johnson can only hope she sees that rainfall soon.

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