Floyd looking for input on new Comprehensive Plan

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FLOYD, Va. (WDBJ7) The town of Floyd is looking for input from people as it plans for the next five years.

The Town says every five years it re-creates its Comprehensive Plan.

Right now, an online survey is asking people what they want in their town in the future.

The Floyd Town Manager, Kayla Cox, said there are several issues they want input and help addressing.

She explained, “One of the things that we understand and we know is a major hurdle here in Floyd is parking, so there's some questions in there regarding that. Also regarding types of businesses, business growth or things that we may need. Also some things around housing.”

The survey is open through March 16.

Click here to see the survey.

The Comprehensive Plan is expected to be done by June. A public hearing will be held after that, and Cox hopes it will be adopted by July or August.

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