Folks flock to Jellystone Park campgrounds for Memorial Day Weekend

NATURAL BRIDGE, Va. (WDBJ7)-- Memorial Day weekend looks different this year because of the ongoing pandemic. But people are making the best of it.

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Campers at Jellystone Park in Natural Bridge say it's the perfect spot to have some fun while social distancing this Memorial Day weekend.

"This is a great social distancing practice, the kids are able to go and run and ride their bikes, and everyone's doing it safely, and it just allows them to go outdoors and enjoy god's creations," camper Spenser Duncan said.

Duncan went to the Jellystone campgrounds with his wife and three young girls to make the most of their holiday weekend.

"We try to go camping as much as possible and just keep them active," he said.

The park reopened last week with some changes because of COVID-19.

"Our focus is making sure the guests are comfortable and protected while still having fun," Trent Hershenson, Vice President of Marketing for Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts, said.

Some parts of the park have been closed, like the playground and the pool, to help people keep their social distance. But to make up for that, park staff is getting creative, riding around in wagons and starting water gun wars and dance parties with campers.

"Instead of having a dance party where everyone comes together, we're actually now having activities, like they'll be a DJ on a golf cart with Yogi Bear and he'll drive from cart to cart and kind of have more of a... portable dance party," Hershenson explained.

Folks seem to not mind the changes too much, since the park says business is booming.

"The kids are still enjoying the outdoors, it's great weather," Duncan said.

The park says they are hoping to be able to open up more of their attractions in the weeks to come.

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