For $525, you can have a Bible possibly signed by Donald Trump

An eBay listing for a Bible allegedly signed by Donald Trump in 2016. (Source: eBay)
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(WWBT) – Last week, when President Donald Trump signed Bibles for Alabama tornado victims, it apparently wasn’t the first time he affixed his name to the book.

A Bible purportedly signed by Trump at a 2016 rally is for sale on eBay for $525.

The Bible is described as a 4 1/2 inch by 3 inch mini Bible and is described as being “unopened” despite the signature being on an inside page.

The seller, GraphwizardCollectibles, posted the Bible for sale Sunday and the listing says it was collected in person.

Whether the autograph is real is unknown.

The listing says it comes with a certificate of authenticity, though that is not shown in the accompanying photographs.

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