Forest Elementary 'sensory path' helps students focus on learning

Published: Sep. 18, 2019 at 4:01 PM EDT
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Helping students hop, jump and tip-toe to success. That’s what one Bedford County school is doing this year.

Forest Elementary teachers installed a new “sensory path.” It’s a colorful collections of shapes, numbers and pictures to help students focus, especially those with a sensory processing disorder.

Program leaders say it’s about creating a program for students to do together. “It is for any student and you saw when they were told they were going to go down the hall and do the path they were all cheering and excited and so it’s not like we’re singling out students who have a processing disorder, it’s fun for all the kids and they can enjoy it together and I think that’s just a really great benefit," said Donna Dunn, the executive director of the Bedford Area Educational Foundation.

The foundation awarded the School $1,500 to install the sensory path.

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