Botetourt County deputy charged with assault, DUI while off duty

BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va (WDBJ7) -- A former Botetourt County deputy is facing several charges including DUI, assault and battery after an incident in Roanoke.

The Boutetourt County Sheriff's office confirmed they fired Deputy Michael Henretta Brightwell ||| the same day as the incident.

Officials with the Roanoke County Sheriff's Office said it happened just after midnight on November 30.

According to officials, a woman claims Brightwell pulled out in front of her car onto Williamson Road, just south of Hershberger Road in the northbound lane. This caused the driver to slam on her brakes and blow her horn.

She told officials that both vehicles continued down Williamson Road. At a stop light near the intersection of Williamson Road and Florist Road in Roanoke County, the woman said Birghtwell got out of his car and came back to her car.

The woman claimed he made a threatening statement to her and punched her in the abdomen.

The driver, she said, drove off. She called police and gave them a description of the vehicle.

Officials said a county police sergeant spotted the vehicle on Williamson Road and later identified Brightwell, 27, as an off-duty Botetourt County deputy.

The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Brightwell has been charged with DUI, refusal of blood/breath test, assault and battery and unlawful stopping of a vehicle.

A female passenger in Brightwell's vehicle, identified as Amanda Tarter, 28, is also facing a drunk in public charge.

Botetourt County Sheriff Ronald Sprinkle said Brightwell had been working with the sheriff's office since 2015. Sprinkle said since Brightwell had been working there, he had no other prior incidents.