Four Roanoke sisters operate polling stations together on election day

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - If you headed to the polls Tuesday, you might have run into Ms. Smith – or at least one of them.

The four Smith sisters introducing themselves take on the polls together as official polling station volunteers.

"It's been fun, I don't mind it at all,” said Betty Smith about working with her sisters.

On this election day, three of the sisters were at one polling station.
Betty Smith held her own at another.

"We've been steady all morning, all day,” she said. “We have quite a few people."

The family affair began 25 years ago, back in 1992, during Bill Clinton’s first campaign. It's when, instead of computers, voters using a punching mechanism.

"I felt like Vanna White," Cora Smith said, motioning her arm back and forth.

Betty Smith encouraged her sister Cora to join her.

"To me it's kinda rewarding,” Cora Smith said. “After it's all done and you see the election results and you've been a little part of helping get them results."

Tammie Smith joined the crew last year during the presidential elections.

“I like seeing all the people and it’s really neat when I get to see a new voter, a brand new voter,” she said, smiling. “And people bringing in their kids and training them how important it is to vote.”

These sisters live together so working together isn't too bad.

“It’s uh, well it’s kinda neat because we’re kinda close and we work good together sometimes,” she said. "It's kinda awkward when you have one that's over the other ones."

But as a first timer this election, Romia Smith said she had a good time.

"Well my sisters did it and they told me it was fun so I decided to try it!” she said.

And the one sister that started it all isn't likely to quit anytime soon.

"As long as I can, I am,” Betty Smith said.