4-year-old donates birthday presents to TAP's Head Start Program

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Most kids can’t wait for their birthday parties. The cake, the decorations, and of course, all of the presents. But one little girl, who just turned four, wanted to give presents to other kids instead of getting them for herself.

Emily Wise and her mom, Meg, stopped at Head Start to do a little reading with the other kids. Emily just celebrated her fourth birthday with a Dr. Seuss theme party, and all of her friends brought books so she could give them away.

“Our kids are very blessed with a lot of presents from grandparents and other family members, and we just encourage them to give back to others,” Meg Wise said.

So they dropped off a couple dozen books to TAP’s Head Start program, and the kids all just lit up.

“It means a lot for our program,” Education Coordinator for Head Start Melissa Presto said. “They enjoy books and Ms. Jamie, who is the teacher, sometimes has the children interact or act out the books, so they really get involved with the books and the stories.”

And this little girl who loves to read used her special day to give others an even more special one.

“These kids are precious, we had a great time today. I’m glad Emily got to come and give them the books. It put it into perspective a little bit more about why she did it,” Meg Wise said.

If you’re interested in donating to TAP’s Head Start program, you can visit the program's website.