Franklin Co. residents join against pipeline in multi-state protest

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BOONES MILL, Va. (WDBJ7) Franklin County residents join a multi-state protest Thursday, taking a stand for the land.

A half-dozen Franklin County residents posted up along US 220 Thursday afternoon's rush hour, trying to persuade passing motorists to look deeper at the Mountain Valley pipeline proposal.

"There's a lot of strong feelings in Franklin County about this pipeline," Preserve Franklin's chairman Michael Carter. "It's not what we want in our county, and we're doing everything we can to keep 'em off."

Preserve Franklin is just one of the many groups taking part in Hands Across our Land, a seven-state effort stop new natural gas infrastructure.

"I think it is ungodly, unholy," Pastor Brad Dulaney said of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. "Our country needs to move away from fossil fuels into a different type of future."

Pipeline proponents say the project will bring jobs, money, and commercial services to the area, but opponents deny that claim. And they say they'll keep fighting for Franklin County lands.

"We're a dedicated bunch," Carter said. "And you can hear some of the hours going by, a lot of people are on our side."

The pipeline's scheduled to begin construction mid-2017, with service starting the end of 2018.