Franklin County Animal Control rescues horse from covered pool

FRANKLIN CO., Va. (WDBJ7) In Franklin County, a horse is safe after being trapped in a pool cover for nearly 12 hours in cold conditions.

Franklin County Animal Control

It all happened Thursday, March 1, at a vacant home in Hardy, right before the weather took a terrible turn. Luckily, the house is on the market, and a realtor was getting ready for a showing.

She looked out the window to see a horse, standing, stuck in the pool cover, and that’s when she called for help.

“Once we got there, the horse was calm. We were able to get a halter on it, and once we got the mesh cover cut from his legs, the horse jumped out of the pool,” said one of the responding animal control officers, Jonathan Custer.

The horse was checked out by a local vet, and amazingly, aside from being close to hypothermia, is doing just fine.

“Once the owner got the horse, we got it back to the barn, the horse immediately started fooling with the gate latch to get out again, so the owner did fix the gate, so we didn’t have any other problems,” Custer said.

But this is a problem we’ve heard a lot about in recent weeks, with a number of horse rescues reported in our area.

“I’ve never had a horse in a pool, but I mean we’ve had to get livestock out of creek beds, and over a bank somewhere, everything like that, but it’s a first for me. It comes and goes, it just happens,” he said.

Custer also mentioned that it’s not required to have your pool fenced in, but he says a fence in this case could’ve saved the horse from falling in.

And animal control officers say a lot of the recent horse rescue emergencies could be weather related. Animal owners should take this time before the next storm rolls through to make a plan.

“The owners and everything just need to (make sure their) fences are properly maintained. I know in the last little bit we’ve had a lot of wind, you need to go check your fences on a regular basis,” he said. “I mean, trees down, horses are going to get out, cows, whatever, anything like that, you just need to be aware. Check your animals every day, make sure they’re here, have a routine.”

As for this two-year-old horse? He’s lucky to be alive. Custer says he would’ve died if it weren’t for the sheer luck of that realtor finding him at the right time.