Franklin County community comes together to help family after tornado destroys home

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Dolores Anderson was sitting on her front porch when she saw the tornado coming and hurried to her basement. Just down the street, her friend, Troy Haynes, was watching this same tornado.

"I could hear it, it sounded like I could hear it coming, and like they say, it sounded like a roar, and the way it looked from where I was at, it looked like it was going to hit other people's houses," Haynes said.

So he drove down the street looking for damage and saw the Anderson's home completely destroyed. That's when he heard Dolores calling out. He added, "She said to come in the front door but there was no front door, she didn't realize, so anyway, I got in and got the basement door open and helped her out of the basement."

She escaped with no injuries, but her house wasn't as lucky. Outside, the walls have caved in, and no room inside of the house was left untouched.

But one day after the tornado hit, her friends and family came out to help and show their support.

"Anytime you have friends in trouble and stuff, you try to lend a hand as best you can," a friend of the Anderson's, Joe Potter, said.

And that's exactly what these friends did--picking up wood, nails and debris from the grass, even finding a family photo among the destruction.

"Well it makes me feel very proud to live and work and recreate here in Franklin County. We already know it's a great place to live, but when days like this happen, the true values of our citizens and our neighbors helping one another, it really comes out," Christopher Whitlow, Interim County Administrator for Franklin County, said.