Free skin cancer screenings in Christiansburg Friday

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Dermatologists say your partner is more likely to find signs of skin cancer because they are probably more familiar with your body than a doctor.

It's recommended to see a doctor once a year to check for potentially cancerous spots.

But a dermatologist in Blacksburg says partners could find those spots first.

She recommends wearing SPF 50 everyday to prevent skin cancer.

"Make sure you're not allergic to it before you purchase it. They are very elegant. Some are tinted. I don't wear foundation, I just wear tinted sunscreen. You can get there. It's really as simple as two minutes in the morning wash your face and put sunscreen on. You can prevent the majority of skin cancers just by doing a simple step," said Dr. Aleksandra Brown, a dermatologist with River Ridge Dermatology.

Dermatologists are hosting a free Skin cancer screening at the Christiansburg Recreation Center from 1 to 5 Friday afternoon.

The event is open to anyone with questions about skin spots or sun screens.

Then next week you can learn about common skin concerns and discover more about skin care products. The open access event is Wednesday, May 18th at 3825 Electric Road, Suite C, in Roanoke. Then again in Blacksburg at 3706 South Main Street, Suite B.