Freezing roads cause major issues in New River Valley

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Drivers in hometowns across the New River Valley were struggling to get around because of the weather Tuesday night.

Snow fell intermittently much of the day Once the temperatures started dropping, roads started freezing, causing quite a few accidents.

As divers worked to stay on the icy roads in Montgomery County, those caught out in the weather said they wished they were home.

"It's cold, it's frigid. Don't nobody need to be out here if they don't need to be out here," Christiansburg resident Greg Dreyer said.

"The road is pretty slick, it's starting to freeze. A UPS truck just went sideways in the road down there," Dreyer said.

Cars were lined up for miles on the interstate in Christiansburg.

Much of the traffic was leading toward the Route 8 exit into Riner and Floyd.

Emergency crews closed the highway to allow VDOT to salt the road, making it impossible for people to get through.

A tow truck driver in the area said he received reports of nearly a dozen crashes on that road alone.

Another group that was busy was tire shops, as people want to stay on the road.

"A lot of times when people see it coming, they'll get a little bit crazy and they'll come in and hit us pretty hard," Quality Tire & Brake Service Owner Ken Hawley said.

"I was actually a runner today to fill in some stuff and bring some stuff that we needed last minute and so forth," Hawley said.

Hawley had been out on these roads as well as in the shop and said it was a puzzling storm in Christiansburg.

"I just texted my wife and told her it was putting the snow down here, the next time I look out the sun was shining, and then all of a sudden now we got a road barely moving over there now," Hawley said.

Many schools across our region reported closings on Tuesday night, expecting more issues on the road as well as cold temperatures on Wednesday.

You can check school closings here.