FreightCar America in Roanoke to make layoffs in April

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) There will be layoffs at FreightCar America in Roanoke.

According to a letter WDB7 received from an employee, those layoffs will happen at the plant on Campbell Avenue. The layoffs are scheduled to happen in April.

The local union president Don Davis confirmed the information with WDBJ7. He says that employees received word about the layoffs on Wednesday, but Davis doesn't know exactly how many will be affected. Davis added that the rail car industry has been down over the last 18 months. Wednesday marks the 60-day period that FreightCar had to give before making layoffs.

Davis said, "Things could change tomorrow, next week, 59 days from now but it looks like it could be a reduction of workforce here in Roanoke."

The city was also made aware of this news.

Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea said the city will use the Virginia Employment Commission and other services to assist with job placement.

Lea said, "I know it's difficult now and things like this happen it seems like the worst comes to mind but be encouraged that you have a city and you have a mayor that's concerned and will be working to help you through this time of transition."