From the Nintendo Switch, to Fingerlings, we're getting toy buying advice from experts this holiday season

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Predicting which tech toy is going to top them all is like trying to predict the stock market.

We checked in with Toys R' Us to see if there's one must- have gift this year.

"No, because what we find is that every kid is different. So, every kid has a different want for the year," says store manager Chuck Grosskopf.

As far as stocking stuffers go, don't be surprised if your kid asks for the smallest tech item, Fingerlings.

Stores are having a tough time keeping those little guys on their shelves.

For older kids, the Nintendo Switch will likely be a big seller.
It's portable, and comes with two controllers and a small TV screen.

"So, it can be used as an iPod type game player. They can take the small screen apart with the two controllers and play on the little screen with a friend," says Grosskopf.

As always, there are LOTS of options when it comes to tablets and laptops, starting with the youngest kids.

"V-Tech makes a lot of smaller iPhones and pads like this for three, four year old's to get them started," says Grosskopf.

LeapFrog tablets and phones can give your child an educational edge, and they're hard to damage.

"They're rubber-coated, so the children can drop them and they're not as- they don't get broken. The screen is tougher than the regular tablet used to be."

We also spoke with nationally- known toy industry expert Elizabeth Werner,

She says combining technology with art is a popular trend.

The Fashion SuperStar by Crayola uses an app to help future fashion designers get creative.

And STEM- related gadgets, like the Aura Drone are flying high on some kids' wish lists.

Parents often have to dig deep into their wallets for these tech toys.

The good news is, technology is becoming more affordable.

Werner says, "What you're going to find is that that price will really range based on the item. Those prices are coming down significantly. As we learn more about technology, it becomes a lot less expensive.".