Galax packs $30,000 of food to provide Christmas meals for less fortunate

Published: Dec. 22, 2017 at 8:21 PM EST
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When thinking of Christmas, many people focus on presents under the tree. But about 300 volunteers in one hometown are thinking about Christmas meals.

$30,000 worth of food were packed into 1,100 hundred boxes Thursday night, all to make sure that those who are less fortunate, who likely wouldn't be able to afford it would have a nice holiday meal on Christmas.

The packing was hosted by the Galax Fire Department.

Fire Captain Mike Ayers explained, "Energy bills are high at Christmas, you want the kids to have toys for Christmas. Sometimes money is really, really, really tight. This is a way to offset some of that so all of the sudden folks can focus on the kids."

So two conveyor-belt like teams work together to get 550 boxes on each side packed with pasta, fruit, cooking supplies, and even desserts, just to name a few.

And the work was done with people of all ages, as many kids fill the boxes, while adults pass the food forward and carry the full boxes to be stored.

12-year old Ava Haynes opted to have her birthday party at the donation event, with all her guests chipping in.

She said, "We have nice Christmas dinners and some people don't, so I just thought it would be nice give them a nice Christmas dinner."

Meanwhile Emmett Bowers said this was his 34th year helping out.

He said it wouldn't feel like Christmas if he wasn't in the Galax Fire Department packing boxes, and helping deliver them when they're ready.

"It's absolutely unreal," he said. "You come here and these people work so hard, you see the kids, then you go out on the Sunday before Christmas and you deliver them and you take them to some people in dire need and that is my Christmas, I don't need another thing other than that Christmas."

In total, it took volunteers just 54 minutes to pack all the food into these boxes.

Next up, all the boxed food will join perishable items, that are delivered to the Fire Department on Saturday, and then will be shipped out to 125 familes in Grayson County, 125 families in Carroll County, and 300 families in Galax right on Christmas Eve just in time for the holiday.

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