Garth Newel Music Center moves to video concerts

Published: Apr. 30, 2020 at 5:44 PM EDT
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It’s a scene that happens regularly at

: a musician playing a brand new composition from the stage.

But it’s a little different this time. At this concert, there’s no audience.

“We always premiere live. I mean, that’s just how we premiere pieces," said Jeannette Fang, co-artistic director at the center. "Like a brand new piece, it’s always a live concert. So just trying to get that as much as possible.”

Through video, which was a new experience for Fang.

“I think the challenge for me was not to be familiar with how directors are filming,” she said.

As well as for her husband, who did the filming.

“We set up for like, an establishing shot, a medium shot, a close up," said Tracy Fisher about the project. "And she’s like, well let’s just get one shot and we’ll be good. And we want to get all the coverage we can. So, you know, her not being an actress, I wasn’t used to, okay, she was just like, okay, let’s push this through.”

But it’s a video they both seem happy with.

“I mean it forces us to think outside the box," said Fang. "But it’s actually a really fun thing. And we’re just trying to move and grow and do different things to adapt.”

And it's one that their new marriage survived.

“It was fun," Fang said. "I mean, we’ve never done a collaborative, a truly collaborative thing together.”

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