Gas prices rising during holiday season, Virginia remains a good deal

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RAPHINE, Va. (WDBJ7) Just in time for holiday travel, gas prices have started creeping up. AAA says they're running about 24 cents higher per gallon than this time last year. However, Virginia is still a good deal for travelers.

"I've seen a lot of gas stations, and this is about the cheapest I've seen so far," Amie Meyers, from Iowa, said.

Amie Meyer has been on a roundabout trip from Iowa to New Jersey by way of West Virginia.

"The worst I've seen about $2.32, so not too bad," Meyer said.

That was in Indiana. And the drivers at Orchard Creek in White's Travel Plaza in general say that they try to get as much gas as they can in Virginia.

"I like to fill up with gas in Virginia. It's a heck of a lot cheaper here than the further north you go," Kathleen Duncan of Roanoke said.

"You've got to react to the market. You've got to stay competitive, but you've got to figure out how to make money doing it too," White's Travel Plaza owner Robert Berkstresser said.

And at Orchard Creek, Berkstresser keeps his prices down by selling other items.

"We sell ladies handbags, and we sell candles, and we sell pajamas and things that you'd never think in a travel store," Berkstresser said.

Because when you discover you need that gift for your aunt, or maybe the pain relief from the kids at hour three of a six-hour drive, this is the place to get it. And it's not just Orchard Creek.

"Any store that's today, the square footage that's inside the story becomes bigger and bigger," Berkstresser said.

But outside, even though the price is slowly rising, it's still good news to those driving on.

"Fill up while I'm here. Save some money," Meyer said.