Gender pay gap continues as organizations teach women negotiating skills

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) April 10 marked Equal Pay Day, the symbolic point into a new year when women's earnings catch up to what male counterparts made the year before.

Studies show women are paid -- on average -- 20% less than men, but that gap is wider for Black women and Latinas.

Organizations like the American Association of University Women, or AAUW, are working to better prepare women for salary negotiations.

At the current rate, experts estimate the pay gap won't close for another 101 years.

"It impacts us all. I'm thinking of my daughter and my granddaughter," AAUW Roanoke Valley President Heddie Sumner said. "It may not seem to impact you at the moment, but I'm sure everyone has relatives that it's going to."

Sumner says AAUW will train 10 million women in salary negotiation programs by 2022 through the AAUW Work Smart program.

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Virginia ranks 23rd in the country for wage equality.