Ghost tour in Lexington benefits Hospice

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) Every town has its stories. And, in an old town like Lexington, some of those stories involve ghosts.

For 21 years, Mark Cline has been the teller of those tales, take the willing to some of the most haunted places in town.

“You know what?" asks Mark Cline of the Haunting Tales ghost tour. "We always have a great time on the ghost tour, especially this time of the year.”

When the streets are darker, the lamps a little dimmer, and the border between the living and the dead seems a little thinner.

“It’s a fun tour," says Cline. "It’s more like street theater. It’s not like your typical ghost tour. And believe me, I wouldn’t be doing it 21 years later if I wasn’t having fun.”

But Thursday’s tour will be about more than just fun. Cline is doing a special outing to support the Rockbridge Area Hospice.

Cline explains: “The Hospice is just such a wonderful organization. It just helps so many people in the community, and we just love to give back to the community.”

Providing a chance to have a little Halloween fun for a bigger reason.

The tour meets Thursday, October 19, at 8 pm at the Lexington Visitors Center.

You can learn more about getting reservations at their web page: