Gifts of warmth: cancer patients receive blankets during treatment

Published: Jul. 10, 2019 at 7:23 PM EDT
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The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is bringing messages of hope to patients at LewisGale Montgomery. The organization partnered with Subaru to bring 80 patients warm blankets.

Heather Fields was diagnosed with cancer of the bile duct almost a year and a half ago.

"Of course it was a big hit being as young as I was, having three kids, trying to figure out how you're going to tell your kids, hey, I have cancer, um, I went from working two jobs to having to be put on disability," Fields, a cancer patient at LewisGale Montgomery from Giles County, said.

She gets treatment at LewisGale Montgomery but has to travel to New York for more treatment every other month. She said, "I mean, I have days that I'm tired, sometimes I'm like, I don't want to do this anymore, but for the most part, I'm like, I have family that I have to keep pushing on for."

And now the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Subaru have stepped in to help her and other cancer patients stay positive and warm.

They delivered messages of hope and 80 blankets to patients at LewisGale Montgomery.

"The blankets serve as not only a physical sign of warmth, a lot of patients might get chills during chemotherapy treatment, but it also lets them know that there are many others in the community who are thinking about them," Khiem Tran, Campaign Manager for the Virginia Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, said thinking of patients like Fields.

"It's amazing, I feel very fortunate they chose me to do this with. Their treatment rooms are really cold, of course your blood levels when you have cancer go down and you stay cold, so the more blankets there are the better off I am!" Fields said.

"It's a comfort thing to, you know, knowing that you have somebody caring for you," Brady Lutz, Director of ICU and PCU at LewisGale Montgomery, said.

For the fourth consecutive year, these two organizations are giving blankets to around 43,000 patients across the nation, Fields being one of them.

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