Giles County expanding New River activities for Summer

Published: Jun. 6, 2016 at 5:45 PM EDT
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With the warmer weather starting, many communities are trying to capitalize on water-based activities for families. That includes Giles County and the New River.

Every year Giles County brings in $24 million through tourism alone thanks to the main attractions it has to offer.

Director of Tourism and Marketing Cora Gnegy said, "We have 37 miles of the New River, 50 miles of the Appalachian Trail, plenty of opportunity to go and explore. It's just peaceful, it's rejuvenating, but it's also very exhilarating."

Trying to capitalize on this, the county is working to grow its use of the River and Trail.

Monday, as part of National Outdoors Month, the county unveiled new signs to showcase all of its boat landings.

"We have eight at our public boat landings throughout Giles County that connect various sections of the river but then also connect them to the communities that the river goes through," Gnegy said.

These kind of moves are great for outfitter business that counts on people utilizing the outdoor activities.

Owner of New River's Edge Paul Moody said, "We hope to extend it even more throughout the other counties to where we can draw people for larger floats and longer floats and what have you."

But the signs weren't it for Giles County. Officials have a lot more plans in the works to continue to expand their outdoor activities.

Gnegy explained, "With the developments of these signs and the river trail, the county along with partnerships throughout the county are looking at developing other boat landings and other access points to the river so hopefully you'll see the river trail continue to expand."

And with the county growing, so are the businesses as owners are beginning to invest more.

Moody said, "I'm expanding into day-use to where people can come down for the day without having to rent a lodge in another facility but come down for the day and play in the river and just enjoy the fun that the river provides throughout Giles County."

Click the links to the Giles County or the New River Water Trail websites to learn more about what else the county has planned for the Summer.