Flooding from pipeline work site impacts Giles County family

Published: Aug. 3, 2018 at 11:00 PM EDT
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Sherri Gallagher said, in the 11 years she's lived at her residence in Giles County, she'd never had any flooding. But in the three weeks since Mountain Valley Pipeline started work on her property, it's happened three times.

"Their gravel basically built a dam which caused the water to divert and come towards us," Gallagher said.

That water brought with it rock and gravel that now covers most of her property.

When Gallagher and her family went to take shelter during last night's tornado warning, another surprise awaited them.

"When we go down to get in our basement like you're instructed, we have water pouring in can't be in the basement when it's flooding out," she said.

With nowhere to take shelter, Gallagher was left looking for answers.

"Where do you go? You don't want to be outside because you have a river coming down your driveway. You can't be in the basement because, well, the water's rising. So you come out here and you just watch and go, 'What's gonna happen to my house?'" she said.

WDBJ 7 reached out to Mountain Valley Pipeline officials and have not yet heard back.

In the meantime, Gallagher says it could take some time to come up with a fix.

"It's going to take all parties talking and using common sense and truly looking at the land and what Mother Nature does and coming up with a solution at that point," she said.