Giles County trail system named in honor of Gary Eaton

GILES COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) The trail system in Giles County was named the Gary Eaton Memorial Trail System today. Eaton was a Vietnam veteran who served Giles County for 50 years. He died last July of lung cancer.

"One of the last requests that Mr. Eaton made was to develop some wellness trails and some cardiovascular health and pulmonary health trails throughout the county, county administrator Chris McKlarney said. "He wanted to make people aware of the need to get out and exercise, but also that these things were in their backyards and they need to get out and use them."

The county also made the trail system more user-friendly. There are now signs along the trail and a website for people to map out their hike. McKlarney hopes people will now be able to enjoy the outdoors more easily.