Glasgow's only mayoral candidate is a write-in

Published: Aug. 26, 2019 at 6:22 PM EDT
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Glasgow voters will find Shane Watt's name on the ballot this November, but not for mayor.

“That is my biggest fear," said the candidate. "It's that on November fifth they go in and they’re like: there’s a blank spot for mayor, but there’s M. Shane Watts, he’s right on the top of the ballot for town council, and get that confused and mark me there.”

He is now the only one willing to step up for the job.

“At the end, when it was too late for anyone to sign up for mayor, we found out no one was signed up for mayor," Watts explained. "And I had a lot of citizens come to me and ask me to consider running for mayor also.”

And even though some may say he’s asking for nothing but complaints, he thinks it’s a job worth having.

“People have the idea that it’s a figurehead position for Glasgow, and you know, the position of mayor has a tie-breaker," he said. "But they also have a -- behind the scenes they can go meet with the county board of supervisors and the administrator, and have a voice and just kind of be the face of the town. And be seen.”

And being seen is what he has to do now as his unexpected campaign begins.

“The town of Glasgow and the people, the citizens are going to see me more than they ever have, besides when I was very active with the rescue squad," said Watts, "I have been in just about every house in this town, fortunately and unfortunately.”

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