Gleaning for the World kicks off 'Big Give' event

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CONCORD, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Gleaning for the World, a relief aid ministry for disasters all over the world, is now shifting their focus.

On Monday, volunteers packed potatoes as the charity announced their "Big Give" event to the community.

Reverend Ron Davidson with Gleaning says 80 percent of what they've done over the past two decades has gone international.

Now, they plan to focus on central Virginia and do about 20 percent of their work internationally.

"We're going to start in Lynchburg, Danville, Roanoke area. And we're looking at over 60 tractor trailer loads, of shoes, of clothing, of food, blankets, bedding and things that are needed for the homeless ministries," said Davidson.

Davidson says they will be working with food banks and homeless centers to give away more than $400,000 worth of supplies this week.

Joining with a network of organizations, Gleaning has committed to give multiple tractor trailer loads of product to those who need it most. “Many of the homeless that we encounter are people who have simply fallen on hard times,” stated Rev. Ron Davidson, founder of Gleaning For The World. “Through events like this one, we want to show the hungry and homeless that there are people who still care about them,” added Davidson.